Concrete Mixes

Concrete Mixes

Concrete mix is a blend of portland cement, gravel and sand. When those main ingredients are proportioned correctly the result is a durable and high-quality surface that will last for many years.

Ingredients required to create a concrete mix can be delivered and blended on site. This is commonly referred to as field mixing. But in 1936, SAKRETE was the first to preblend these ingredients, bag them and make it available for the DIYer and continues today!

Using SAKRETE bagged concrete mixes is the perfect solution for projects where concrete trucks cannot deliver or for areas not large enough to justify a truck delivery. SAKRETE is used in many of these types of conditions and other flat work projects including:

  • Slabs
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Curbs
  • Stairs
  • Ramps
  • Setting fence posts
  • Foundation walls and footings
  • Structural applications requiring a small volume of concrete

SAKRETE concrete mixes come in many different blends. Some mixes include fibers which aids in crack control. Some concrete mixes are blended and bagged using light weight aggregates which produce a light weight product.

View our different bagged concrete mix options with varying strengths.

5000 Plus Concrete – A professional grade blend of portland cement, sand and gravel that is formulated to reach strength quicker and for superior durability. 5000 psi material.

Crack Resistant Concrete – Formulated to reduce the risk of shrinkage cracking. 4000 psi material.

Fast Setting Concrete – A blended, fast-setting mixture of special cementitious materials, sand and coarse aggregate. 4000 psi material.

High-Strength Concrete – A blended mixture of sand, coarse aggregate, and cementitious materials. 4000 psi material.

Light Weight Concrete – Designed for general applications and made with light weight aggregates.

MAXIMIZER® – A specially formulated high yield, high strength mixture of structural lightweight aggregate and cement. 5500 psi material.

Pro-X180 Rapid Strength Concrete Mix – An air-entrained commercial grade mix with a blend of fast-setting cement, sand, gravel and other proprietary performance additives designed to provide extended working time and high early strength for concrete applications requiring a minimum thickness of 1.5 in.

Self-Consolidating Concrete Mix – A dry, preblended, one-component, selfconsolidating, cementitious, polymer-modified concrete mix containing coarse aggregate, silica fume, and an integral migrating corrosion inhibitor. Designed for application thickness minimum of 1 in. and maximum thickness of 8 in.

Tips for installing slabs, walkways, footings, curbs:

  • Use clean potable water as well as a clean mixing container and tools.
  • Do not over trowel.
  • Do not overwater.
  • Colder temperatures or higher humidity conditions will retard set times.
  • Read and follow the material instructions for preparation, use and placement.
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5000 Plus Concrete Mix
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